Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Throw your hands up!

This one is a shout out to all my gay guy friends - and the men and women who love them. There are just some things that are more fun to go out and do with a gay boy...period. Am I right or am I right?

SIDE NOTE: So just to clarify I'm talking about Moe as in Ho-mo-sexual. I am definitely not referring to the Japanese slang world for the fetish or love for characters in anime (which I just found out apparently is "Moe"...yikes). I'm just a total dumb ass and completely misspelled the word (usually Mo). So, let's just pretend there are two ways to spell Mo. Coolio? Yes.


Anonymous said...

You seriously crack me up!

Rachel said...

This is fucking awesome! I totally didn't get the moes thing until I read your description. Brilliant, lady!

craft pig said...

and here i was thinking that you were a three stooges superfan! ha!
Love it!